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Commercial & custom multi-user computer software for a variety of applications including performance metrics, statistical analysis, data extraction and merger from multiple large databases, computer simulation and management information systems.  Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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 About Joe Serdakowski, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A.
Joe founded AutoSoft in 1982 to provide him with the flexibility to complete his Ph.D. He continues in his efforts as a self-employed contract engineer and consultant under the name AutoSoft Systems.  With the aid of the internet he  remotely supports sites around the world.
In response to the 9/11/2001 attacks, the USA EPA commissioned Dr. Serdakowski to write a software package to assist municipal drinking water facilities assess their vulnerability to terrorist attacks.
Click here to view a letter of praise from the USA EPA Click here for more information on the ASSET software
Solutions are developed using a common sense evolutional approach.  Emphasis is on combining the collective wisdom of the workforce with a detailed knowledge of physical laws and 30 years of experience in chemical process manufacturing.  Software projects described above share source code, which allows for rapid (i.e. low cost) development of software to support and control implemented process improvements.
Academic History
9/82 - 10/90: Brown University, Providence, R.I.                    
  Degree: Ph.D. in Engineering                      
1/84 - 10/90: Research Assistant; Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, & Chemical Processing Group.          
1978 - 1979: Northeastern University, Boston, Ma.                    
  Graduate studies in Chemistry                      
1970 - 1975: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.                  
1975: MBA                        
  1974: BS Ch.E. Cum Laude                      
Recent Projects
Data Mining Large Corporations have multiple corporate databases (Change Control, NC/CAPA, Maintenance Work Orders, Documents, Drawings,....) all with unique and limited search and retrieval capabilities.  An exhaustive investigation searching each database in turn could take weeks and require the user to be familiar with multiple user interfaces.  The MATRIX pre-compiles key fields from each database and aggregates the results into one common interface that can search all corporate data simultaneously.  Output hyperlinks the user back to the source database. Implemented at 6 major facilities, estimated annual savings in time is well over $1,000,000. Click for more info
2013 - present
Data Mining / Statistics A major biotech company commissioned AutoSoft to prepare a program that would automatically generate a comprehensive monthly report that would gather data from the corporate Lab Information Management System (LIMS) and 5 different manufacturing facilities process data historian (in this case, PI Historian).  The report then would process and analyse the data, flag exceptions, and then prepare a Microsoft Word document that could be distributed to corporate leadership. Click for more info
2013 - present
Cloud Computing Freeman Air Fire Damper Experts provides their customers with a full documentation of their fire dampers.  AutoSoft Systems wrote and maintains this software, which uses an Excel front end and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Database on the back end.  This allows Freeman technicians to access the data anywhere a connection to the internet can be established. Additionally, there are times when Freeman technicians are in the "bowels" of a building with no cell phone or internet connectivity.  In such cases the Freeman Air application can run "off line", allowing the technicians to modify and enter data on their computers, synchronizing later when an internet connection can be re-established. Click for more info
2012 - present
Statistics AutoDNA - Restriction Endonuclease Analysis:  Biopharmaceutical production requires cell banks that are stable over many years.   One confirms that the cells' DNA is stable through periodic sampling.  Confirming that a cell bank is stable over several years is a bit tricky as standards change.  Also, the DNA of a cell is not characterized by a single point, but by a series of points on multiple lanes of a DNA ladder.  Proper definition of a standard could require 5O+ different data points on multiple lanes.  Analysis of a sample again is over multiple lanes and 50+ data points.  Significant statistics need to be applied to confirm the cell bank is stable, or to identify that the cell bank is changing with time. Click for more info
Multiuser App Design and support ComplyWell Compliance Inspection Management System, in use as 5 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in North America. Click for more info
2011 - present
Many Skills Affiliated with the BioProcess Institute.  The Institute works with companies worldwide, offering a diverse portfolio of services ranging from consulting to testing to training and development. Click for more info
2007 - present
Multiuser App Design and support of the PPM (Project Portfolio Manager) software.  The PPM is a multi-user capital construction project portfolio management application.  The PPM uses an Excel front end and Access back end so it is easy to learn and only Excel is required on the users' computers.  The PPM allows for resource leveling, cash flow projections and schedule management.  Several different installations and customizations to meet individual site requirements.  Can manage cash flow down to the purchase order line item and invoice line item if so required. Click for more info
2006 - present
Many Skills Design and support of a number of Microsoft Excel/VBA tools used at Amgen Corporation world-wide including: Site Resource Management;  Maximo Asset Management reporting and metrics;  Trackwise Non-Conformance / Corrective Action / Preventive Action reporting and metrics; Integrating Maximo and Trackwise data for comprehensive metrics reporting; Outage resource management; Site utility long term master planning; Manufacturing process modeling.  
2005 - present
Data Mining Design and support of SMART software tools that interface with Consona’s AXIS Enterprise Resource Planning solution for manufacturers of metals, wire and cable, as well as metal service centers.  Recent advances include SQL Server replication of Progress database for more robust reporting. Click for more info
2004 - present
SCADA Designed and manufactured control system for cooling of large buildings by evaporative cooling (42 installed sites including Loews, Hon). This process has significant savings over air conditioning. Click for more info
1995 – 2012
SCADA Designed and manufactured computer hardware and software for monitoring manufacturing process equipment (5 installed sites; Amgen, Astrazenica, Bradford Soap, Brystol Meyers Squibb, C&M Manufacturing).  This software (AutoData) is a complete multi-user PLIMS {Process and Lab Information Management System}, integrates with ERP systems and has a SQL Server back end. Click for more info
1999 – 2011
Modeling Chemical process design and optimization for large scale batch and continuous processes. Designed comprehensive process simulation and control package for batch processing of toilet soaps.  Over 500,000,000 pounds of soap produced using this software.  
1983 – 2006
SCADA Designed computer hardware and software for General Electric to control an auxiliary cooling system for electrical sub-station transformers.  24x7x365 performance required. Authorized remote access provided for configuration and downloading of historical performance.  Automatic Fax, Voice and email options for daily reports and emergency alerts.  Provided companion simulation package for marketing.  This software predicts transformer performance under varying loads and weather conditions with and without the auxiliary cooling system. Click for more info
2003 - 2004
SCADA Designed and manufactured digital and internet-based video surveillance system. Automated email feature provides daily status reports.  Allows authorized access to both real-time and historical images from any computer on the LAN. Click for more info
2002 - 2004
App Designed ASSET software for the EPA; ASSET has been used by over 5,000 municipal drinking water facilities on two continents to assess their vulnerability to terrorist attacks.  Click for more info
SCADA Designed automated monitoring system for groundwater remediation at EPA Superfund site [Future train station near Green Airport, Warwick, RI]. This system has been running 24x7x365 since February 2002 with only a failure of 1 hardware component, no software problems.  System provides a faxed daily report predicting when filter changes are required. Click for more info
Cloud Computing Designed StatTrader software for trading financial statistics over the Internet. The software provides gigabytes of comprehensive historical financial statistics broken down by SIC codes, company ownership type, sales volume & year.  
2000 – 2002 
Professional Organizations and Registrations
  Registered Professional Engineer in RI #4627                    
  Tau Beta Pi                        
  Sigma X                          
Dr. Serdakowski's Early Career
Technical Manager Arkwright Advanced Coating
West Warwick, RI, USA

Headed up a team of 5 scientists and technicians. Optimized and developed new manufacturing processes for existing and new products.
Process Engineer Senior Process Engineer
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

Assigned "out of the box" type projects that required very novel approaches for the solution. Supervised one senior process engineering technician. Responsible for the transition of technology from research to production.
Research Engineer Special Assignment
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Special assignment in Polaroid's research facility. Chartered with the task of designing novel experiments for many of the different research labs. The goal was to allow me to become familiar with both the personnel and the capabilities of the various labs in the facility.
1978 - 1979
Utilities Technical Supervisor
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

Supervised 6 chemical process technicians on the "B" shift. Responsible for water treatment, silver recovery and waste water treatment. The water treatment facility produced 1 million gallons per day of high purity water.
1977 - 1978
Production Technical Supervisor
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

Supervised 6 chemical process technicians on the "B" shift in the production of light sensitive silver halide emulsions.
1976 - 1977
Technical Sales Technical Sales Representative
Procter & Gamble
Greater Chicago Area

Responsible for an 8 state territory. Sold bulk industrial chemicals to manufacturing facilities (fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty esters, glycerol). Trained customers in the processing of said chemicals. Most notably, worked with prisoners at the Illinois, Missouri and Kansas State Prisons, teaching them how to produce kettle soap in 50,000+ pound reactors.
1975 - 1976
E. George and J. Serdakowski, "Computer Modeling in the Full Boil Soap Making Process", HAPPI, 1/87
J. Serdakowski and B. Caswell, "Finite Element Eulerian-Lagranian Method for Time Dependent Flow of Multimode Fluids", Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 29(1988), 217-244
B. Caswell and J. Serdakowski, "Initial Value Problems for Multimode Fluids", Proceedings of the Xth International Congress of Rheology, 1988, Sydney, Vol. 1, 232-235
B. Caswell and J. Serdakowski, "Time-Dependent Flow in a 4-to-1 Contraction", Proceedings of the Xth International Congress of Rheology, 1988, Sydney, Vol. 1, 257-259
J. Serdakowski, "Finite Element Simulation of Transient Viscoelastic Flows", Ph.D. Thesis, Brown University, 1991.
E. George and J. Serdakowski, "Correlation of Fat & Oil Quality with Soap Base Color", Cosmetics and Toiletries, Vol. 108, August, 1993
J. Serdakowski, "AppleTalk Data Acquisition and Control", SciTech Journal, November, 1994
J. Serdakowski and E. George, "Kettle Saponification, Concurrent and Countercurrent Systems, Computer Modeling", AOCS Monologue, July, 1996
E. George and J. Serdakowski, "Formulation of Toilet, Combo, Synthetic, Translucent, Transparent and Laundry Soaps", AOCS Monologue, July, 1996
J. Serdakowski, "Kettle Saponification – Computer Modeling – Latest Trend and Innovations", Soap Manufacturing Technology, AOCS, 2009
J. Serdakowski, "Finding a New ERP System", LinkedIn Post,- June 12, 2014
J. Serdakowski, "A Methodology for Identifying Frequency Trends of Non Conformances" (to be published)
  Married, 5 adult children, 5 grandchildren :)  
  Communicant, Usher, Reader, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, East Greenwich, RI  
  Long Distance Open Water Swimmer, participant in consecutive Narragansett 1.7 mile "Save the Bay" swims since 1992  
  Member, Nacho Athletic Club  
  Piano player, volunteer entertainment at local soup kitchens and other non-profit functions  
Joe is available for short and long term consulting. 
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