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Commercial & custom multi-user computer software for a variety of applications including performance metrics, statistical analysis, data extraction and merger from multiple large databases, computer simulation and management information systems.  Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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SMART Tools for Aptean Axis© ERP Enhancement
Aptean Axis© is the premiere ERP solution for manufacturers of metals, wire and cable, as well as metal service centers
(Click here to view the Aptean Axis© web site)
(Axis is a Trademark of Aptean  - AutoSoft Systems is not affiliated with Aptean)
This document outlines and illustrates the features of the SMART suite of AXIOM enhancement tools that have been used at:
C&M Corporation (www.cmcorporation.com) Aluminum Line Products (www.AluminumLine.com) Times Fiber Corporation (www.timesfiber.com)
TMK - IPSCO and are now available to other Aptean Axis© users.  
The SMART suite of software products common features
All users use one copy located on a network drive              
No installation on workstations necessary – The executables only require 4 DDL files to be present in the same folder as the executable
All reports are outputted to Excel (The free Excel Reader works!)   Some recently asked questions about SMART
All source code is included   Enhancements Since May, 2009
AXIOM License Management Material Tracking and Control
StopAx Tag Tracking Tool
Automatic logoff of inactive AXIOM users Enter a tag #, determine every associated raw material, WIP and product
CART Reports Load Status Report
Conversion of cryptic AXIOM Exports into user-friendly Excel Workbooks Manage your shipment department with this powerful tool
License Counting Tool Packing Slip Printing Utility 
Count AXIOM license usage 24x7 - FREE DOWNLOAD Print Packing Slips as you want them - Excel based
System Administration Shipment Performance Report
On time performance sliced, diced and trended as you wish
WatchDog Vendor Managed Inventory Tools
Automatic email and text messaging warning if queues or reports are delayed Manage suppliers and customers inventories with these tools
CART Archiving Customer Email Notification of Shipments
“Freeze Framing” of CART reports for historical analysis - FREE SAMPLE CODE Automatic updates to customers of recent and impending shipments
Data Load Macros ODBC
Quickly and easily upload thousands of records in AXIOM
Big File Extraction Tool DART
65,536 rows are no longer a limit - FREE DOWNLOAD Direct AXIOM Reporting – ODBC for the masses
Programmatic sending of Emails and Text messages TART - Total AXIOM Reporting Tool
How to use Excel to send Emails and Texts - FREE DOWNLOAD Replicating & searching the Progress Databases & source code 
CHART Purchasing and Receiving
Managing the cumbersome Change Audit Table
A Summary of Software used to build AutoSoft products AutoSAF
See how the Master does it Special Purchasing and Manufacturing Management Tool
FileSync PPV
Need to keep multiple copies of files synchronized?  FREE DOWNLOAD Purchase Price Variance Report
Sales Order Management Raw Material Quote Analyzer
Confirm vendor quotes in AXIOM are accurate and up to date
Sales Order Extractor Tool Process / Routings Tools
Pull sales orders from AXIOM in a usable format (Excel of course!)
Sales Activity Report BART – Bill of Material reporting tool
Slice and dice sales actual vs. forecast by a variety of subsets Indented bill of materials reporting tool with capacity planning
Sales and Bookings Summary Report PART – Quick AXIOM part lookup utility
Automatic PowerPoint slide generation Quick AXIOM part lookup utility
Orders and Invoices Summary Report WART
Totals and drill-downs for user specified date ranges Indented Work Order Reporting
Sales By SIC Codes User Data Reports
Trend sales month-to-month by SIC codes Automatically build stand-alone Excel workbooks with all user data
Inventory Control Lot Size to Order Size Reconciliation
Finds and corrects discrepancies between lot sizes and order sizes
AutoLogger Inventory Parts Cost and Margin Report
Silo Monitoring & Automatic Updating of AXIOM Inventory Levels Excel report listing costs and margins for all parts
OBSOLART Material Requirements Planning
Measuring Obsolete and Excess Inventory Items (2 Flavors)
Performance Measurement MART
Extracting AXIOM MRP information for a variety of uses
Sales Scorecards Forecast Manager
Performance Measurement of Sales Personnel Generating the necessary files for input into AXIOM MRP
Machine Utilization and Efficiency Reporting Cost Accounting Tools
Instant utilization, efficiency and productivity by work center, part, shift, operator, etc.
AutoKPM Current Cost Change Report
Key Performance Measurements Notifies account managers when costs change
Scrap Reporting Current vs. Frozen Costs Exception Reports
Instant scrap reporting, sliced and diced many ways Reports discrpancies in the AXIOM data
Work Order Performance Monitoring Activity-Based Cost Management
Instant work order performance reporting, sliced and diced many ways Determine profits from each customer, product line, part number and more
Quality Tracking and Control Tools AXIOM Interfacing with other Software
Quality Specifications Report EDI made easy (AutoEDI)
List all your Quality Specifications on one easy to read Excel worksheet AXIOM's HTML-based EDI module is less of a chore with this utility
Test Results Reporting Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Statistical Process Control Charting for AXIOM Test Data Interface with Salesforce.com
Finance Tools Customs Management
Facilitate the paperwork associated with moving parts between Mexico and the USA
GAP Report Production Line Data Monitoring
Measures current and projects future profitability, bookings and shipments Integrating automatic production line monitoring with AXIOM
AutoBudget Embedding Excel Workbooks in AXIOM User Data
An Excel-based Budget Performance Tool fully integrated with AXIOM Imagine the possibilities with Excel workbooks in AXIOM user data fields
APART – Accounts Payable Reporting Sales Tax Report
A better report Interface with Vertex
Accounts Receivable Management UL - CSA Reporting
This report provides great detail and projects future cash flow Extracting Data from the Midwest EZRF system and merging it with AXIOM User Data
Other AutoSoft Product bundled with SMART
AutoData TimeTool
Process and Lab Information Management System Time Management and Tracking Tool
AutoMaintain EPD
Preventative Maintenance Management System Project Portfolio Management Tool
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