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Commercial & custom multi-user computer software for a variety of applications including performance metrics, statistical analysis, data extraction and merger from multiple large databases, computer simulation and management information systems.  Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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AutoData Process and Lab Information Management System
AutoData is a fully functional Lab Information Management System [LIMS] for small workgroups (< 20 users). In addition, through the use of data acquisition hardware, AutoData can incorporate process information into the same data base to allow for integrated analysis of both process and lab data.
View AutoData's Complete Instruction Manual (> 3 MBs)
  AutoData is password protected, and provides multiple levels of user access.
  AutoData stores data on one or more servers, but allows each user to operate independently.
  Data entry is quick and only 3 entry fields are required: Sample/Product ID    
  Test Method/Attribute    
  The user has the option to pre-define additional fields: Sample/Product description    
  Unit of measure     
  Specifications (alarm & control limits)     
  (Additional optional fields are available.)                
  The user has the option to display all pre-configured specifications for a given Sample/Product.
  Lookup functions assist the user in pinpointing a Sample/Product or Test Method.
  Extensive reports are available and can be view on-screen, printed, or written to disk.
  Automatic graphing of results is fully integrated with Microsoft's ExcelŽ.
  Site customization is available at fixed price quotes.
  Source code is available.
  Data acquisition is through industry standard 4-20 milliamp and/or 0-10 VDC protocols.  
  One example of this is Thomas Engineering's Compu-Lab.
Data Entry Screen:          
Here the user first selects an IC Number (an Inventory Control Number, a unique identifier of the item being tested, these are defined by the user and can be any alpha-numeric identifier). Once the IC Number is entered, a longer pre-defined description appears (in this case "Edible Tallow"). The F5 button allows the user to search through the data base if the IC number is not known. The lot number can then be optionally entered. A date and time stamp is applied to the sample. The user then must identify what test is being performed. Again these are all defined by the user. One or many attributes can be assigned to each test method, which can be quantitative or qualitative. The user then enters the test results in the lower left grid, and the specification for each result appears at the lower right. The equipment type and equipment can be optionally entered, and some detailed notes can be entered as well. The user then clicks the desired button in the upper right and the entry operation is complete.          
Graphical Results Screen:
This screen is an example of the Microsoft Excel graph that AutoData automatically generates. The user simply identifies the sample, result, and date range desired, and with one click, AutoData searches the data base for all matching entries, opens Microsoft Excel, imports the data into Excel, and the AutoData.xlt template automatically generates the above graph. Here, the blue dots represent the actual data points. The heavy blue line represents the running average. The thin blue lines represent the running deviation (2 sigma). The red lines represent the upper and lower control limits. The purple lines represent the upper and lower alarm limits. This file is a standard Excel file and can be further manipulated and saved by the user if so desired.          
This screen is generated in a similar fashion to the prior chart. Here, the blue line is a histogram the actual data points.  The solid red lines represent the upper and lower control limits, and dotted red lines represent the alarm limits. The thin dotted lines represent a 1 sigma and 3 sigma distribution.  This allows the user to rapidly determine how well the actual process is conforming to a standard distribution function. This file is a standard Excel file and can be further manipulated and saved by the user if so desired.              
There is an inventory module that allows for rapid sorting and retrieval of information.              
Quality Assurance Specifications:
 A flexible and comprehensive Quality Assurance module is included:            
AutoData can be leased for a low installation fee that includes on-site training and configuration, and a monthly fee that includes unlimited technical support and upgrades. 
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