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Baylis Groundwater Remediation
The Baylis Manufacturing Company manufactured electrical components in Warwick, RI, USA for many years.Several years ago, Baylis ceased operations and abandoned their facility, leaving behind a legacy of groundwater contaminated with organic solvents.The pollution was extensive and qualified as a EPA Superfund site.Additionally, the site is in close proximity to Rhode Islandís only international airport, and is bisected by the main line of Amtrak railroad.The site is earmarked for a future railroad station.
A remediation plan was designed and implemented.89 wells were drilled in a grid pattern.Air hoses run to the bottom of each well.Compressors pump air to the bottom of each well.The air passes through the water and absorbs some of the organic contaminants.The contaminated air is captured and passed through activated charcoal.The activated charcoal will need to be replaced in a timely manner to assure that the organic contamination does not bypass a spent filter and further contaminate the environment.The rate at which the activated charcoal will be consumed was unknown at the start of the project and would vary based on atmospheric conditions.Design engineers predict that this air purging must continue for 7 years to clean the groundwater.Because the site is bisected by the railroad, a compressor/filter system is required for each side of the site.
AutoSoft and Dr. Serdakowski were commissioned to design monitoring hardware and software.The system needed to continuously monitor both sides of the site, prepare a daily status report and fax the report to the engineering firm responsible for maintaining the equipment.Dr. Serdakowski designed and AutoSoft supplied two NEMA 4 enclosures with Advantech ADAM 4017 analog input modules.The two enclosures are connected to the computer via RS-485 protocol through the serial port.RS-485 can maintain communications up to 5,000 feet over a single shielded twisted pair cable.A Windows computer was configured with WinFax Pro software and custom software prepared by Dr. Serdakowski.The software continuously monitors and records 14 different parameters.An Excel spreadsheet is prepared every day and faxed to Dr. Serdakowski and the engineering firm with the maintenance contract.A copy of a daily report is illustrated here:
Although not part of the specification, Dr. Serdakowski added (at no extra cost) an algorithm that predicts when the various parameters will breech their respective control limits and alarm limits, in effect predicting when the activated charcoal needs to be changed.In the example above, the Fl Temp [ETG-2] is predicted to exceed both the alarm limit and the control limit on 8/23/04.
AutoSoft supplied the hardware, software and 1 year of maintenance for $8,000.The system went on line in February of 2002 and ran without intervention for over 7 years.AutoSoft anticipated a continuous revenue stream with subsequent maintenance contracts.Unfortunately, the system proved to be so reliable that the State of Rhode Island decided not to request bids for a maintenance contract, choosing instead to call AutoSoft when a problem manifests itself. One ADAM 4017 module and the motherboard on the computer failed and were replaced. To date, the software has performed flawlessly.
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