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Commercial and custom computer related products spanning the areas of data acquisition and control, simulation and modeling, numerical analysis, chemical process design and manufacturing management information systems design. Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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EPD - Engineering Project Database
The EPD solves the vexing problem of managing a slew of capital construction projects without the overhead of a long learning curve associated with other project portfolio management software programs. The software automatically recognizes the user from the Windows network login, and provides read-only or read-write access to different program features based on the user's individual settings.
Key Features:
EPD subscribes to the standard AutoSoft color protocols. A yellow cell with a red font is designated for user input.
True Multi-user; many users can simultaneously enter data.
Vanilla Microsoft Excel/VBA platform, no other licensing or third party software.
Multiple levels of security from read-only access, through editing of assigned projects to total program control.
Automatic backups and archiving of data.
Activity log.
Integrated Help.
If integrated with the TimeTool, estimates and actual times are presented side by side. TimeTool Web Page
If the optional TransMaster module is used, tracking of cash flow estimates and actuals down to the purchase order line level and invoice line level is possible.
A Microsoft Project-like scheduling screen, where changes in an event automatically affect all subsequent events.
Integrated PCR (Project Change Request) Management system
A Plethora of reporting options.
Source code is included and accessible, allowing for easy site customization.
The Main Screen allows the user to edit projects and metrics, as well a run a number of reports:
The main project editing screen requires the user to fill in the yellow cells with either free text or picks from drop downs:
The Schedule Screen mimics the functionality of Microsoft Project without the overhead of learning another software package. One can schedule as little as one Milestone or as many as 18.
A simple click of a button switches the Schedule Screen to display scheduled meetings:
The Resource Screen allows the Project Manager to assign resources to each project:
And to check on an allocation on any resource, a simple click "pivots" over to see what projects have been assigned to the selected resource. The Project Manager can then quickly and easily balance resources to "fill everyone's plate" without overflowing it. In this example, Barry Bonds, our Associate Mgr of Engineering is overscheduled for July - December.
Metrics for each projects are easily managed using the Metrics screen:
PCRs (Project Change Requests) are managed by the EPD as well:
The cash flow screen allows for quick and easy tracking of budget and scheduling estimates. It is fully integrated with the Schedule Screen to provide the user with feedback as to when Milestones are scheduled to be achieved. Additionally, if integrated with the TransMaster, actual numbers are automatically populated.
The TransMaster is a system that creates a workbook for each project in the portfolio. Details about journal entries, purchase orders and invoices are tracked in each TransMaster document. Data is seamlessly exchanged between the EPD and the collection of TransMaster documents. The TransMaster main screen looks like:
The Purchase Order screen allows the user to track everything necessary about each purchase order associated with the project, including cash flow estimates:
Similar level of detail is available for Invoices: